Justin Carlo

President of Construction, MTT Holdings, LLC

As a construction professional with over 20 years in the field, I find myself juggling a million different things at once. Shoe’s Lumber Report puts the finger on the volatile lumber market’s pulse and gives valuable insight into what I need to know to either curb the increases or hedge the market.

Darin Huseby

Owner, Huseby Homes

I have been receiving Shoe’s Lumber Report for the last 20 years.  I have found significant value in the report as it gives builders like myself a good look at the market today and what to expect going into the future.


John Day

Owner, John Day Homes

I’ve been following SHOE’s LUMBER REPORT for over 20 years and have been able to make many strategic buying decisions based on the years of graphs and data.  During times like 2020, it’s been reassuring to look to prior peaks and know that they’re never long-lived and that sanity will return to the market soon and probably when.

Lisa Corcoran

Director of Purchasing, Adair Homes

Thanks to Shoe’s Lumber Report, we were able to gain real-time insight into cost-trends associated with building products within the lumber category. With Shoe’s help, we could react in a quick & agile fashion, adjusting our revenues to mirror significant cost-increases in the market.


Lowell Hankell

Vice President, Reality Homes Inc.

In this incredibly busy and ever-changing market, I rely on Shoe’s Lumber Report for up-to-date price trends and deep-dive analysis.

Tyler Churchill

Multi-Family Sr. Production Manager, Geonerco Management LLC / Harbour Homes

Shoe’s Lumber Report (SLR) has provided valuable insight into the lumber market and more importantly, the fluctuations that occur each week, month, and year. The SLR has been consistently updated, accurately maintained, and we will continue to use it with our business decisions.

Erich Armbruster

President, Ashworth Homes LLC

We have used Shoe’s Lumber Report for years to keep ourselves informed about lumber pricing. In a quick glance, it gives us relevant information about the trends and recent pricing history. This has helped us keep a better handle on our estimate and construction budgets, allowing us to hold to them.

Joel Naegele

Purchasing Manager, Teak Construction

I have been following Shoe’s Lumber Report since I stepped foot in this market over 17 years ago. It has helped keep me in tune with the ever-changing lumber commodity market and up-to-date on the pricing trends. This gives me confidence in our current pricing models as we estimate and plan our future projects.