Simple – I have one question for you! How confident are you that your current building material supplier provides you with honest and fair prices? Do your price updates follow the ups and downs of the fluctuating commodity lumber and panel market? OR do they follow the ups more than the downs? Of course, it is easy for your supplier to raise your prices when the market is moving higher. But what about when the market moves lower! Is your supplier quick to lower your pricing when prices drop? Or do they use the excuse that their inventory costs have not reflected the lower-cost material yet?

Since 1995, Shoe’s Lumber Report has provided timely commodity lumber and panel updates to builders, developers, and industry associates across the Pacific Northwest region.  Sure, many paid sources provide up-to-date lumber and panel prices every week. Most of these sources charge hundreds per month or even thousands per year to subscribe. Most builders don’t need the high cost and considerable irrelevant detail. They just what to be kept in the loop of how their budgets are being impacted.

My goal in authoring Shoe’s Lumber Report is to provide my subscribers with a low-cost, non-partisan check and balance update they can use regularly. This way, they can be sure that their construction costs fluctuate, both up and down, equally with the ever-changing commodity market conditions. Regardless of the excuses, their suppliers may give them. As a 27+ year building material sales management veteran, I can give you the cold hard facts with no BS.

As you can see from a few of my testimonials below, many of my subscribers have been following my reports for decades. They trust my updates, as my insights provide them value in helping them run their businesses, saving them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month.

I have specifically established my rate structure to ensure that the cost barrier has been removed. For an investment of just a few dollars per month, you can ensure that you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month, providing a tremendous return on investment. 

I encourage you to subscribe to Shoe’s Lumber Report today.

What else do you have to lose besides being uninformed and paying a higher price on next month’s building material packages?

Monthly Charge $ 14.95 per month $179.40 year
Quarterly Charge $34.74 per quarter
($ 11.58 per month)
$139 year
Annual Charge $99 per year
($ 8.25 per month)
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I appreciate your support,

As a construction professional with over 20 years in the field, I find myself juggling a million different things at once. Shoe’s Lumber Report puts the finger on the volatile lumber market’s pulse and gives valuable insight into what I need to know to either curb the increases or hedge the market.

Justin Carlo

Manager, President of Construction, MTT Holdings, LLC

I’ve been following SHOE’s LUMBER REPORT for over 20 years and have been able to make many strategic buying decisions based on the years of graphs and data.  During times like 2020, it’s been reassuring to look to prior peaks and know that they’re never long-lived and that sanity will return to the market soon and probably when.

John Day

Owner, John Day Homes

We have used Shoe’s Lumber Report for years to keep ourselves informed about lumber pricing. In a quick glance, it gives us relevant information about the trends and recent pricing history. This has helped us keep a better handle on our estimate and construction budgets, allowing us to hold to them.

Erich Armbruster

President, Ashworth Homes LLC