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I’ll start with a quick introduction of myself and what Shoe’s Lumber Report is all about. My name is Jim Schumacher, and my career in the Lumber and Building Materials Industry has spanned more than three decades. I have spent the majority of my tenure in Sales and Sales Management, where I have focused on serving and providing solutions to contractors and production builders in the Puget Sound region of Western Washington.

What is Shoe’s Lumber Report? Great question. Shoe’s Lumber Report was created more than 25 years ago when I was looking to solve an issue I was dealing with as an Outside Sales Representative. In the mid-1990s, during the era of newspapers, fax machines, and long before the internet and emails became mainstream, I struggled to keep my prospects and clients abreast of the commodity fluctuations in the lumber and panel market. After attending a sales conference, I came up with the idea of writing and emailing out a free weekly lumber report to keep my clients, prospects, coworkers, and industry associates abreast of the lumber market changes. Hence… Shoe’s Lumber Report was born.

Shoe’s Lumber Report is just my straightforward approach to sharing commodity lumber and panel market updates with my readers. My transparent system of communicating the data with graphs and text is my way of telling a story each week. For confidentiality, I do not show actual prices, as there are copyright infringements I must honor. Yet, I share verifiable percentage changes that clearly and concisely provide my readers a solid understanding of the lumber market’s ebbs and flows.

Are you a contractor, builder, or developer with projects impacted by fluctuating commodity lumber and panel prices? If that is the case, Shoe’s Lumber Report may be an excellent solution to help you stay on top of the commodity lumber market. Or maybe you are a building material industry associate looking for a quick and easy-to-read regular update on the commodity lumber and panel market. If either of these apply to you, I encourage you to check out Shoe’s Lumber Report. My goal is simple, to provide my readers with accurate and timely information about the place I like to call: “The Wonderful World of Wood.” Enjoy…

Shoe’s Lumber Report – 4/8/22

Shoe’s Lumber Report – 4/8/22

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